Company Profile

"Happy Homes are made of not just four walls and a roof. Prosperous Townships are created with more than just brick and mortar. Strong cities are enlivened with more than just roads, bridges and infrastructure. What makes each of them complete is superior quality of construction, good performance and above all - Strong Relationships built with Trust.""

Khandwani Group was founded in 1962 by M.A. Khandwani and M.Y. Khandwani with a mission to be a leading driver of development and growth of infrastructure and Real Estate which is a key element of a progressive economy. Since then the group has been growing rapidly over the years along with the cities they helped build.

Over the last 46 years, at Khandwani Group, we have done more than just building. Through our superior standards in Project Management, and Construction, we have set milestones that inspire every other player in the industry. Our high standards of quality shown through our constructions, have won us the most essential element - Trust and Credibility.

We empower cities by working on with years of experience and immense trust backing us, we look forward to be a major contributor to construction industry and infrastructure growth.

Our Landmark Project:

Associate Woods