Site Development


Khandwani group over the years, has been instrumental in transforming barren and idle sites into flourishing developed properties. Some of these locations, today over a period of time, have turned into much sought after properties. The group has engaged in property development projects to transform some of the best landmarks in the cities where they have had a respectable presence.

With due consideration to cultural aspects, urban aesthetics, Architectural excellence and quality construction, Khandwani group has built not just properties but a reputation of trust and credibility in the construction and real estate business.


Residential Townships


Homes are made of more than just walls, floors and ceilings, its made of dreams of the people that reside in it. It takes reinforcement of not just building materials, but that of strong positive relationships, to make a beautiful home.

Khandwani group has shaped dreams of many households and provided them with enriched life and quality lifestyle through beautiful homes. The group has experience in bringing up residential townships which have housed progressive societies across the country. Townships have been equipped with structures of great construction quality, and other amenities like community centers, clubs and recreation zones and open spaces for the occupants to enjoy quality living standards.


Commercial Establishments


Today’s trade and business with its processes at an ever-growing pace, needs a stable base from where its activities are administered. The needs of Commercial properties of today are unique to address the growing needs of its occupants - Today’s progressive business. By retaining the basics of providing quality constructions, Khandwani group has evolved to meet the changing needs of today's business and has been behind some of the best commercial properties around the country.

Projects undertaken for commercial establishments pay due attention to aspects such as close proximity to key business locations, airports etc. and amenities like uninterrupted power to ensure total business continuity.